Don't get caught up by Odin and his ghostly hunting party unprepared for battle!  WILD HUNT is a bold, but perfect Hair & Beard Pomade made of 100% All Natural ingredients.  This non-greasy pomade will style and condition your hair and beard all day long.  Awaken your senses with this original pomade boldly scented with Classic Peppermint & Fresh Pine High Grade Essential Oils.  A bold pomade for the bold man. 

Directions: This product is suitable for all hair styles and beards of all shapes and sizes.  Rub a small amount into your palm until shiny, then style.  Use with dry or damp hair for a medium sheen and classic hold.  A little bit goes a long way.  Great for hair and beards.

  • 100% ALL NATURAL
  • MADE in the USA

Wild Hunt. Embrace the Storm.



Ingredients: Shea Butter, Local Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Hempseed Oil, Vitamin E, Botanical Oils, Essential Oils

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Just buy it!

Francisco on May 10th 2018

Smells great, hair feels great, great quality. My favorite Lox product. Impatiently awaiting its return...

Literally the best ever

Pat on Mar 10th 2018

I originally saw this on instagram and figured I would give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen right? Money goes to a veteran owned business if nothing else. Well after getting a feel for how to use it I really started enjoying it. Yesterday my day started at 4 am, hair stayed perfectly in place all day. Woke up the next day my hair restyled with minimal effort. Went to the gym to see how it would do if I got sweaty. Needless to say it’s still doing it’s job. One full day, 8 hours of sleep, full gym session, and a hat to top it off. Hair still restyles, I won’t buy anything else there is literally no need to.

Awesome product

William Chestnut III on Feb 13th 2018

I found Lox because I wanted to know who made Cherry Slick for Grunt Style. I was certainly not disappointed. I’ve bought 2 Wild Hunts, 2 Battle Waxes and a tin of Bayonet Butter. I love these products. My 16 year old twin boys asked for Wild Hunt for their birthday. I think Lox has made at least 3 life long costumers in my house.

Best pomade ever

Daniel Morrison on Jan 25th 2018

This is the best hair product on the market! It might be better than the original. Great product and great company. I am customer for life.

Hands down the best hair product.

Pat on Dec 20th 2017

I said in a previous review of the original Battle Wax that I would use Lox until the day I die, and that hasn't changed. With the addition of Wild Hunt, that conviction is further sealed. Whenever I grow my hair out, it naturally begins to curl every which way and causes the top of my head to look I like one large cowlick. Wild Hunt lets me style it into a neat and conservative combover that lets me slide under my PSG's radar. As far as hold and sheen go, there isn't much of a difference between Wild Hunt and Battle Wax. However, Wild Hunt's scent is truly pleasurable the moment it hits your nostrils. Plus I love the fact that every time I put on and take off my helmet, I know that my hair will stay in the same style I combed it in. On a personal note, I'd like to point out that Miz and his team are among the best people you can do business with. In addition to making and selling the best hair product I have ever used, they go the extra mile for their customers. They have my heartfelt thanks for working with me on my APO address and for shipping my order so quickly to me. That alone has earned them my business forever. So if you want a high quality product for a good price that is going to last you a long time, you'll be hard pressed to find something better than Wild Hunt, or any other products from Lox Hair Wax for that matter.

Dopest Dope

Robert on Nov 28th 2017

What can I say? The shipping was quick and painless, the team even wrote a personal note addressed to me inside which was awesome. The product itself smells glorious and keeps my luscious locks looking great against the gnarly winds of the Pacific Ocean. I will continue to buy this product and support this great company. 10/10 and two big ass thumbs up from me.

Best Sh*t Ever

William Reid on Nov 28th 2017

By far the best pomade I’ve ever used, a great company with great customer service. Also, there’s more uses for this pomade other than simply styling your hair!

Wolf Hunt pomade

Blake on Nov 22nd 2017

I work in a coastal city as a Leo and with coastal cities comes a pretty stout coastal breeze. Lox has always kept my hair in check whether working 10 or 18 hour shifts. Breeze or not, snow or sun, lox works for me and I will contunue to support these peeps and their business. Stay sharp, use Lox