Don't get caught up by Odin and his ghostly hunting party unprepared for battle!  WILD HUNT is a bold, but perfect Hair & Beard Pomade made of 100% All Natural ingredients.  This non-greasy pomade will style and condition your hair and beard all day long.  Awaken your senses with this original pomade boldly scented with Classic Peppermint & Fresh Pine High Grade Essential Oils.  A bold pomade for the bold man. 

Directions: This product is suitable for all hair styles and beards of all shapes and sizes.  Rub a small amount into your palm until shiny, then style.  Use with dry or damp hair for a medium sheen and classic hold.  A little bit goes a long way.  Great for hair and beards.

  • 100% ALL NATURAL
  • MADE in the USA

Wild Hunt. Embrace the Storm.



Ingredients: Shea Butter, Local Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Hempseed Oil, Vitamin E, Botanical Oils, Essential Oils

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Great Product!!!!!!

Jason F Loree on Mar 8th 2019

I use LOX pomade every day and love it. The Wild Hunt has a great scent, perfect hold and isn't shiny or greasy. It also doesn't dry hard and plastic like. Very natural feel. Love all of the LOX products. Lifetime customer!!

Best hold

DJ G. on Feb 26th 2019

I bought this because all the store bought jells and other hair products meant for holding hair were not only damaging my hair but they also wouldn’t hold. This stuff is amazing. Great hold, feels good in the hair, a lot easier to wash out, and smells good all day. Best hair pomade I have ever tried hands down!

Wild Hunt Product Review

Steve on Feb 19th 2019

All I can say is this is an incredible product. As a man with thick and heavy hair, I'm always loathe to shop for new hair products as nothing seems to keep my mane in place. Wild Hunt has accomplished that goal and smells great too. For added bonus, as someone who is trying to avoid products that have an ingredients list that looks like its read off a high school chemistry kit... it's refreshing to see a product with a few ingredients as this one. You've landed yourself a repeat customer!

Nothing Comes Close

Michael Broughman on Feb 15th 2019

To sum up this product in a few words.....Just opening it up makes you think of a cool, crisp and clean winter day. You close your eyes take a deep breath of this minty scent and prepare to battle! Or it could just make you really crave some thin mint cookies! And that is just the scent! Very strong hold, my hair hardly broke any hair bands with this pomade. With other products my hair would usually snap the bands while I work out. With this, great hold and even better shine. Makes a man feel old when the white beard on his face shines through with this pomade. Did I mention Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies?

Second time

Billybob74940 on Feb 6th 2019

This is the second time I've bought this particular one. Always perfect... now, if I could just be perfect enough to equal it. Thank you all.

Join the hunt!!!

JONATHAN HAVENER on Jan 15th 2019

When you open the tin and the scent of the pine hits your nose, you are transported back to a time of rugged outdoorsmen, when animal skins and battle axes were a necessity and savagery was imperative to your survival!! Great product, no messy, oily residue to worry about, no nasty chemicals, just good natural pomade that will give you days of hold if you need it while giving you that savage feeling we all crave!!!

Just damn manly stuff!

Billybob74940 on Dec 14th 2018

The smell is like you're standing in the middle of your favorite place to hate (the pine forests that the Army loves to train in), you're about a week in the field, and someone gives you a peppermint candy... Hey... don't judge me! Hold is great, but still allows for fixing it, after wearing a hat/cap. It works great for shorter cuts, keeping you from looking like the chia pet that you really are! The tin is awesome... throw it in your "go-bag" (aka: man-purse), and you don't have to worry about the lid popping off, but you'll still be able to look and smell great, when you get where you're going! Got the field beard going? Double duty! The peppermint oil is going to help keep the critters out of your man-hair.... and, you'll be the smoothest groomed operator in theater! Better check the ROE's, as you may be "killing them" with your fresh looks and great fragrance! Thus endeth my review!

Wild hunt

Devin V Miceli on Oct 17th 2018

Spot on, make my head holiday fresh. Ha ha