Pick up this set of pomades as the perfect gift for your brother's birthday, a Christmas present for your father, or just as a great a deal for yourself! 

PLUS this set includes a FREE LARGE COMB.


Wild Battle Buddy Set Includes:

  • 1 Tin of Battle Wax Hair & Beard Pomade
  • 1 Tin of Wild Hunt Hair & Beard Pomade
  • 1 Lox Large Wild Hunt Comb




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Wild Battle Buddy Set

Len Namiotka on Nov 7th 2018

I have used the Battle Wax before and I like that product but I just tried the Wild Hunt and I absolutely love it! Nice hold and great scent to it. The comb is a great addition to any travel size shave kit. Definitely will buy them again. Keep up producing the great products!


Wild hunt is probably the best smelling stuff I’ve ever phut in my hair, great buy.Zac on Oct 19th 2018

Wild hunt is probably the best smelling stuff I have ever put in my hair. The perfect winter smell and a damn good pomade.


Pedro Hernandezmoczo on Feb 13th 2018

Smells nice. It is my first actual pomade/wax/whatever so im still figuring it out. Does eventually wash out but it does stay in the hair for a while which surprised me but i actually like it. Not super creamy but I've found that if you use a bit at a time you can get some good coverage. Not a huge fan of the comb but thats the only bad about the pack. The actual products are really good.

Thank you battle buddy

Jonathan Prewitt on Jan 14th 2018

I once was lost but, now i'm found. Thank you Lox. I have tried so many products and none have ever given me what I wanted. They were either to hard or to loose. Lox is the sweet spot. Gives you that "throw back" look you want. Also gives you the ability to reshape and run your fingers through your hair at any time. On the super plus side, gives the ladies the ability to run their fingers through your hair at any time.

Wild Battle Buddy Set

Joseph Pasciotty on Dec 4th 2017

Good hold , pleasant scent on both products . I'm a grey hair , so a pomade with a bit of color wouldn't hurt . My favorite beard pomades .

Wild Hunt Buddy Set

Mike G on Dec 1st 2017

I have used almost every hair product available in search of the best. Lox hair products are by far the best with all natural ingredients and being hand made makes them a quality product. I’ve used all three Lox Hair and Beard Pomades and each have their own unique qualities that hold very well without leaving my hair tacky or crunchy and giving it the natural look. My hair can be restyled throughout the day with just the Lox comb leaving it looking like I just styled it that morning. I will definitely be a loyal Lox user and customer and will continue to recommend the products to others.

Awesome stuff!

Glenn on Nov 28th 2017

This stuff is great! All hand made and you can tell they truly care about their product! Because of it being all natural with bees wax, it is a little thicker than most other products out there so make sure to rub well in the hands to avoid clumps. Love it for beard and hair. Will be buying again!