Save over $10 and qualify for FREE SHIPPING with our new Savage Battle Body Set  - featuring all the essentials you need to keep on being a sharp savage every day! 


Choose from one of two distinct set combinations to release your inner warrior and slay your day! 


The Warrior's Set is designed to bring out your inner savage, keeping you on the top of your game all day and night.

  • Featuring: Battle Wax Pomade, Muninn Beard Oil, Black Diamond Salve Body Lotion, and a Peach Wood Pocket Comb

The Hunter's Set combines unique, woody flavors that will leave you longing to stalk prey through the pine forests of the Northern world!

  • Featuring: Wild Hunt Pomade, Huginn Beard Oil, Black Diamond Salve Body Lotion, and a Peach Wood Pocket Comb


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Savage Battle Body Set

Seth on Mar 18th 2019

Loving this stuff. Also love the very personal customer service. Stay savage, stay sharp!

Battle Wax

Fabe Ingram on Mar 12th 2019

This product is awesome.

Great stuff!

Brian Mackey on Mar 8th 2019

My beard looks and feels great! Plus my wife loves the smells!

Battle Buddy set

Brian Beck on Feb 14th 2019

I purchased the hunter set. Now I won’t say this set is good. Saying these products are good is so underrating them. The Black Diamond Salve is just amazing. I could not believe the difference in my skin. The pomade has a great hold. And a little goes a long way. Need a quick fix and can’t make it home? A little water on your comb and your hair is back to looking sharp. I’m well pleased with the quality.