100% Peach Wood 7" Wide/Fine Tooth Comb.


A classic addition to your hair comb collection this wooden comb has a wide tooth section which helps distribute pomade evenly through hair and has a fine tooth section for styling.  It is both easy and comfortable to hold and use every day!


  • 100% Peach Wood makes this comb antistatic 
  • 7" overall length 
  • Fine & Wide toothed comb
  • Engraved in U.S.A.
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I'm really digging this comb.

Bruce on Apr 2nd 2018

My son had asked for a new comb recently, so I ended up buying two of the Peach Wood Long Combs. Glad I did. Quality is king with these combs and it's just a different experience than using a traditional rubber/plastic comb. Combined with Battle Wax, this was a win. Excellent!