ALLLLA'BOARRRD the Lox Train! Lox Hair Wax Company™ has proudly collaborated with Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Co. of Honesdale, Pennsylvania to present to you 12 ounces of premium roasted coffee! Perfectly balanced, this expertly crafted roast offers sweet notes blending ever-so-smoothly with a complete, full-bodied and nutty flavor. A striking blow of French Roast creates a robust finish and rounds out this Savage Blend.


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The Savage Blend

Buck Phillips on Feb 28th 2019

When you drink your coffee black you look for a coffee with a smooth bold flavor. Lox Train "Savage Blend" fully delivers!


JONATHAN HAVENER on Jan 15th 2019

No false advertising here folks! Bold flavor, but smooth, all around great coffee!

Doesnt need cream or sugar

Ben on Dec 25th 2018

Great blend that tastes better with out anything added.

Lox Train Coffee

Clark on Dec 17th 2018

I am a dedicated coffee drinker and have tried alot of different brands and roasts. This is by far my go to coffee from now on. I am definitely on board the Lox Train now. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

All aboard the Lox train

Andrew Burkholder on Dec 17th 2018

If you want a little coffee to add to your 8 packs of sugar and a load of your mocha choco bulls**t creamer in the morning while you are picking daisies and day dreaming of mappy pappy happy land, this coffee is not for you. This bold action coffee flavor would make our forefathers proud. Blended to perfection the natural flavors bind together to pack a punch matching and exceeding that felt from a .44 Magnum. One sip of this coffee in the morning makes you want to strap on you combat boots and take on the world. This coffee is for those that are bold, that don't back down, that wear their big boy pants everyday and say I am savage. If you haven't tried this coffee, do it. If you've tried this coffee, you already know. #drinksavage #besavage #staysavage

Savage blend

Derek Petty on Dec 11th 2018

Strong coffee but has a smooth taste to it. Definitely worth the price and helps focus for more accurate savagery.


Chris Capitani on Dec 8th 2018

I'm a coffee lover, and love lox products so I gave this a go. I was actually kind of expecting a crazy over powering, kick you in the head with a combat boot caffeined craze, coffee... I cleared my day because I figured I'd be out running through my town hearing colors. I was pleasantly surprised how smooth it was! It's smooth with a robust sense of freedom. If you were on the fence about it just give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

Lox Train coffee review

Mini Steve on Dec 5th 2018

Savage Blend = a bold strong keep you awake coffee with great flavor! just like the name says, keeps you savage! I normally drink at least 2-3 cups of coffee from "the other guy" but now with just one cup of the savage blend I am ready to start my day.