Lox EDP Tray 6.0

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Lox EDP Tray 6.0

EDP TRAY 6.0 WILD HUNT EDITION! Only a handful in stock and when they're gone they're gone! Get this collectible NOW! 

This all-new design is perfectly suited to match our famous seasonal Wild Hunt Pomade!!

Keep everything you carry day-in & day-out in one spot with this rugged EDP (Every Day Pomade) tray. It's made of high quality kydex, so it's capable of taking a beating. 

No more scratching up your tabletop and losing or misplacing your pocket knives, wallet, car keys, favorite sidearm, Battle Wax, Summer Raid, you name it.  This 6.5x10" pocket dump tray will hold anything you throw on it, so take all your EDC essentials and drop them on this tray like you're droppin' warheads of foreheads.

AND! Each tray comes with a signed certification letter from The King's Armourer, Lox's official kydex gear supplier.