Semper Fi, Mac! Use Leatherneck Luster and hit the beach looking as sharp as a saber and hotter than a burned out enemy pillbox with this Cinnamon Spice scented styling cream. Whether you're in the long line of illustrious men who served as "Soldiers of the Sea", or just love to command and conquer the day, light it up with Leatherneck Luster.

Styling cream (sometimes referred to as hair cream or grooming cream) is a multi-functional product that can be used in all hair types. Our styling cream is extremely soft and light. This creamy hair and beard pomade can be used in conjunction with any of our Classic Pomades as a finishing product or can be used as a stand-alone pomade. PLUS: These 3.5oz jars will last you months!

Perfect for all hair types and beards, this very soft pomade will give you a long lasting medium hold and sheen. For extra hold apply liberally.

  • 100% ALL NATURAL






Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Volcanic Ash, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Local Beeswax, Hazelnut Oil, Argan Oil, Essential Oil Blend

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Gregory Sweat on Jan 11th 2019

This was my first pomade I’ve ever bought! It’s a amazing, The cinnamon spice is amazing the ingredients are even better with all natural ingredients I’m so happy with it I get compliments from my girlfriend all the time!

Leatherneck Luster Styling Cream - Tough Enough for an All-Day Invasion!

Eric on Dec 13th 2018

So, I’ve been using the Leatherneck Luster for a few weeks and I must say, this may be the best stuff for my hair that I’ve ever had. I have dry, fizzy, and several wildly weird textures in my hair. This has definitely nourished my hair. From the first application, I thought it would be like any other pomade I’ve tried and quit because it just makes it oily. Not so with Leatherneck Luster! It even gets better over time! For the first time in my adult life, I can wake up, simply run my hands through my hair, and it’s fixed like those with straight hair (my hair as a kid was straight). You cannot even believe how stoked I am about this stuff! THANK YOU!

Leatherneck luster

Tim Holt on Oct 5th 2018

This stuff is wicked cool. I feel like storming Iwo Jima all over again.

Good chit

Devin Miceli on Apr 17th 2018

This motivating product Gives your hair just enough hold and shine that your enemies won't want to challenge you. Semper Fidelis

Love it

Jordan on Dec 18th 2017

It does what it says, no complaints at all. Holds good, smells great. Love the customer service, and how the team goes the extra effort to leave a good impression. Will buy again.


Justin on Dec 11th 2017

First product I have gotten from Lox, and let me tell you what. If you want to have the style of a true Teufel-Hunden, this sure does the trick!