Annual Derby

Each year, at a time to be determined, Lox Hair Wax Co. will produce a limited quantity of a special, limited edition pomade. This collectible, Custom Line grade pomade will feature a unique and exclusive flavor and original artwork unavailable elsewhere. A derby ticket will accompany each tin of aforesaid pomade. Each derby ticket will be numbered and a copy of said number, along with the purchaser's order number, will be retained by Lox Hair Wax Co. for a lottery drawing. Once the last tin of pomade has been sold, Lox Hair Wax Co. will randomly select a winning ticket number. The winner will be notified via email (please ensure your email is correct when ordering) and will receive $100.00 in store credit. To increase chances of winning, derby participants may purchase as many tins of this collectible pomade as they wish and a derby ticket will accompany each tin of pomade purchased.


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