Annual Derby

Lox Hair Wax Company, LLC presents its first Annual Pomade Derby. Each year, at a time to be determined, Lox Hair Wax Co. will produce a limited quantity of a special, limited edition pomade. This collectible, Custom Line grade pomade will feature a unique and exclusive flavor and original artwork unavailable elsewhere. A derby ticket will accompany each tin of aforesaid pomade. Each derby ticket will be numbered and a copy of said number, along with the purchaser's order number, will be retained by Lox Hair Wax Co. for a lottery drawing. Once the last tin of pomade has been sold, Lox Hair Wax Co. will randomly select a winning ticket number. The winner will be notified via email (please ensure your email is correct when ordering) and will receive $100.00 in store credit. To increase chances of winning, derby participants may purchase as many tins of this collectible pomade as they wish and a derby ticket will accompany each tin of pomade purchased.


This year, the first year of our Annual Pomade Derby, we present to you "By Order of the Loxmen" Pomade. This collectible pomade is made one notch above our Original Line products. It is smoother, richer, and still contains all of the outstanding characteristics of our Classic Pomades. "By Order of the Loxmen" Pomade is exclusively flavored with a rich blend of Cherry Pipe Tobacco fragrance oils. 

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