Lox Hair Wax Company, LLC presents its first Annual Pomade Derby.

At a determined time each year, Lox Hair Wax Co. will produce a small batch of special, limited edition pomade. This Custom Line grade pomade features a uniquely exclusive flavor, as well as original artwork unavailable elsewhere. A derby ticket will accompany each tin of aforesaid pomade. Tickets will be numbered and a copy of said number, along with the purchaser's order number, will be retained by Lox Hair Wax Co. for a lottery drawing. Once the last tin of pomade has been sold, Lox Hair Wax Co. will randomly select a winning ticket number. The winner will be notified via email (please ensure your email is correct when ordering) and will receive $100.00 in store credit. To increase chances of winning, derby participants may purchase as many tins of pomade as they wish and a derby ticket will accompany each tin of pomade purchased. 

On this, the first year of our Annual Pomade Derby, we present to you "By Order of the Loxmen" Pomade. This collectible pomade is made one notch above our Original Line products. It is smoother, richer, yet still contains all of the outstanding characteristics of our Classic Pomades. "By Order of the Loxmen" Pomade is exclusively flavored with a rich blend of Cherry Pipe Tobacco fragrance oils. 


"How do I enter the Annual Pomade Derby?"

Easy! Purchase a tin of "By Order of the Loxmen" Pomade and you will receive a derby ticket with your order! Boom! You're in!


"How many times can I enter the Derby?"

As many as you wish. Purchase one tin and you'll get one ticket. Purchase two tins and get two tickets! Etc, etc, etc. And yes, each pomade comes with a complimentary cool pouch!


"How long is the Derby?"

Lox Hair Wax Co. has made only 100 tins of "By Order of the Loxmen" Pomade! Once the last tin is sold, the Derby is over and the winner will be selected! This will be one fast Derby so get your tins now! Once the last tin is gone, "By Order of the Loxmen" Pomade is gone for good...by order of the Loxmen.


"What do I win?"

One lucky winner will receive $100.00 store credit!


"How do I know if I win??"

Once the last tin is sold, Lox Hair Wax Co. will draw the winning ticket number at random. The winner will be notified via email so please ensure your email is correct when you place your order.

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Matthew Williams on Mar 10th 2019

The smell, the hold, everything. My hair is thick wavy and normally any pomade’s hold is shot by noon but with this the hair and beard we’re solid but malleable throughout the day just needed a new comb through from time to time.

By order of the loxmen

Jake on Mar 8th 2019

Is your name Tommy Shelby, are you a true English or Irishman, are you true American patriot? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this pomade is for you. Upon opening you will be treated by a luscious scent that reminds you of your old mans pipe tobacco making you reminisce of simpilar times. The consistency is the epitome of smooth. The smoothest I think that Lox Hairwax Co has produced. I personally highly recommend this product for any setting be it weddings, the Darby, going to the pub, or even just every day sharpness. By order of the loxmen!

What a great product

Nicholas VanLeuven on Mar 8th 2019

Ive been buying lox products ever since they started their company and I have never bought anything else since. Everything from the quality of the pomades, combs, etc to the scents is top of the line. The latest one that was cherry pipe tobacco scented is by far my favorite. I wish it was sold year round. If you haven't already go buy a tin of the original and get hooked instantly. Great job guys.

By Order of the Loxmen

William Lavigueur on Mar 7th 2019

I was able to use the By Order of the Loxmen today, and I have to say, it’s probably one of, if not the, best pomades I’ve ever used. I have longer hair and like to slick it back a little like Arthur Shelby and it holds really strong! Love the product. You guys did an epic job♠️