Your Grandfather Would Have Chosen Lox

Your Grandfather Would Have Chosen Lox

Posted by Tim Madden on Jun 1st 2019

When it comes to your grandfather, a lot of great things probably come to mind. You can think of the nostalgia of how he carried himself. Most likely he was stern but fun. He worked hard but enjoyed relaxation at night. He probably lived a stable life.

Their generation was definitely different from ours. Most of us could point to a lot of things that are different and better about our generation. Things we have created, technology we advanced, and obstacles that we have overcome. But when it comes to the greatest generation, we have not beat them at everything.

One thing our grandfathers were great at was being slow and steady. Or the word we could better use would be stability. It is something our generation definitely lacks and could use more of.

While most of them could light up a room full of relatives or friends, they did so with their character, personality, and love. They did not do so because of the technology they brought with them or some fad that they possessed.

Part of what made them great is that they knew how to work hard, they knew how to suffer as well, and they knew how to endure. Life was not all bad for them, but just like for every other human, life possessed times of sorrow. But they were slow and steady in their mentality, and they were able to push through. They did not melt under the pressure but became more solid through it.

Part of that stability was their sense of style. They didn’t always look for what was new. They chose quality, spent wisely, and stuck with solid products. They were not always looking for the newest trend. They didn’t need "new and improved" because the products they bought didn’t need improving.

Think about some of the things your grandfather had for decades. Maybe it was his zippo lighter made in Pennsylvania. It had dents and scratches, but decades later he could still fill it and use it. You may even have it in your possession today.

Possibly it was his Case knife, an American-made product that was a right of passage to use for the first time when you turned a certain age. He always had in his pocket whether it was to do sliver surgery on his grandson or cut some rope out in the garage.

Or think about his Griswold cast iron pan made in Erie which belonged to his father. Decades of bacon seasoning were on it from making his quiet little breakfast which he started out with every day or maybe made every Saturday.

When you think of your grandfather what are some of the quality products he had? What other items did your grandfather possess that he never strayed from, that he would never leave the house without?

That’s why we believe, had Lox existed when your grandfather was your age, that it would’ve been his go to for hair products. He would’ve seen the craftsmanship in it. He would’ve appreciated that it was American-made, and not only that but veteran-made. He would have enjoyed that it was hand-crafted, not just pumped out with the sole intent of making capital, but was crafted for people to enjoy.

Your grandfather would have chosen Lox because he appreciates quality, stability, and endurance. We hope that one day when your grandchildren walk past a Pine Tree or smell a hint of vanilla it will trigger their memories about you and your Lox. That they too would remember the stable guy who, while things might not of have been easy, was the one who is stable and endured. That, like so many other great American products, you endured the test of time and were a quality guy just, like we make stable, quality products here at Lox.

- Tim Madden

Photo: @angry.canadian