Savage - What would you choose to be?

Savage - What would you choose to be?

Posted by Seth "Hagen" Capps on May 1st 2019

I envy, 8 days out of 7, the simplicity of life our ancestors were fortunate to live. Wake, eat, hunt, make in the summers, celebrate the winters. A man challenged your name, and you had the right to defend it by showing him you were born into combat and embraced it to your core! You could chose your values and through them determine a set of morals. You judged your life by holding to your code and tossing the rest to the gods. We lived wanting, but overall satisfied.

Today, however, we have saturated our creed with unsatisfactory goals that result in ridiculous obsessions with objects that we have established as some sort of status symbols. iPhones, worse, iEverything seems to be what we associate with our success. We call our ancestors and tribes and cultures like them, Savages. Bearded men and strong women who followed the codes and ways of life described above. We regard our civilization as advanced, yet men can’t even decide if they are boys or girls by simply checking to see what their father’s gifted them between their legs.

A quick google search defines “Savage” as an animal or force of nature, fierce, violent, and uncontrolled, or a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized. Let me pose this question - in a world that has turned itself on its rear end and cannot tell right from wrong or boy from girl, but calls the primitive mindset savage, what would you choose to be?

Stay savage my friends, stay savage.

Semper Fi,

Seth "Hagen" Capps

PR Director

Huber Concepts LLC

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