Not Another Veteran T-Shirt Company  

Not Another Veteran T-Shirt Company  

Posted by Miz on Apr 1st 2019

Here at Lox, we love veterans and the veteran community. We support veteran-owned businesses. We are a veteran owned business.

We’ve noticed something lately though. Doesn’t it seem that everywhere you turn, you see, yet another, veteran-owned coffee roasting company or T-shirt company pop up?

For those of us who served, I wonder, is this the extent to which the military trains our creativity? Well, of course, once we entered boot camp we may have instantly lost all individuality and became property of the U.S. Government. But that doesn’t mean once we receive our DD214 and leave military life behind that we have lost all uniqueness and ability to actually be set apart. And with the exception of a few businesses such as Alpha Coffee and Grunt Style (just to name a couple) who stay ahead of the curve, they all just seem to start blending together.

Lox Hair Wax Company™ is unique, because we are made up of pioneers. We're trained leaders in a worldwide, dog-eat-dog, cut throat game that is called “small business.” We do so with authority and presence. The military trained us to be leaders, so why would we follow the trend to blend in? Why not actually, wait for it…lead? We aren’t claiming to be trend setters or the be-all-end-all of men’s grooming and fashion, but we are here to make a difference, and we are here to stay. The market is saturated with hipster-influenced garbage that is insulting to, dare we say, the gender of the male species. Grow a beard, carry an ax, throw on a flannel and poof you’re instantly a fashion icon of a generation that can’t decide on whether or not gluten comes from an aerosol can or a squeeze tube.

We call it “Pomade Wars.” This may sound a little aggressive, but that is who we are. We believe that we should Embrace the Storm as the slogan of our pomade Wild Hunt says. It means waking up day after day and facing the grind. It means hitting the floor, not the snooze button. It means mustering together every wild thought running through your head, taming and organizing them, and making them into an idea that lays the groundwork for a new prosperous endeavor.

Lox says, “MAN UP”. Yeah, we said it. And no, it’s not one of twenty-seven other genders you get to choose from during the first thirty years of your life. Being a man is, of course, something you’re born with. But it goes beyond just simple anatomy. It means pursuing your passions despite the naysayers putting you down. And what if your passion is studying microbiology or driving trucks down the interstate? It doesn’t make a difference to us as long as you know what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, and then you do it with everything that is in you. It’s like the motto of our Black Diamond Salve which is Never Stay Down. It’s the ethos that says, “Never quit” or “You can’t stop me from being the best bricklayer on the job site”. That’s what it means to be a man.

Of course, we don't wish any misfortune to any veteran-owned business out there. In fact, we wish our brothers and sisters great success as they enter highly saturated industries. We know the challenges and pitfalls will be challenging, brutal and, sometimes, unforgiving. We have every bit of confidence, however, that they have the fortitude to prevail. Hey, we own and wear plenty of other vet-owned apparel, and we drink vet-owned coffee by the gallon. We support the veteran community with the air that we breathe; no one can say otherwise. We love our brothers and sisters - we want them to look just a little sharper, so we invite them, nay, we invite the world to stop by Lox and pick up something that will emphatically enhance and enable them to be better equipped when stepping out onto the battlefield known of small business.

“Why?”, you ask. Because Lox products make you look good; when you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, well, it’s pretty difficult to stop a train in motion; and you, my friend, are that train in motion. A fine smelling, well groomed, handsome locomotive that does more than “think you can”, you can...and you will.

So when we say, “Not Another Veteran T-Shirt Company”, what we really mean is “C’mon dudes, you can do better than that.” Yeah, you’ll see tees in our retail repertoire. We do so with an attempt of artistry, creativity, and connection to the quality already represented in our product. We refuse to throw a cliché on a shirt and ask you to empty your wallet in the name of style. We revolve around our made-in-America, all-natural, handmade-in-small-batches, grooming products. We are pioneers taking the road less traveled.

We’re not ashamed of giving credit to our barbers after a fresh, on point haircut...especially since they stock their back bar with Lox pomades. We’re giving men a reason to be proud again of what they reach for on their bathroom sink while getting ready for a night out with the crew. We’re bringing old-school back and we beckon you to roll up your sleeves, slick back your hair, throw a comb in your pocket next to your knife, rack one in the chamber, and join us.

- Miz, the "Godfather"

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