Investing in a Custom Suit

Investing in a Custom Suit

Posted by Jeffrey Scott on Oct 1st 2019


By: Jeffrey Scott (Founder, Jeffrey Scott LLC)

We have been asked by several people “Why should I pay more for a custom suit?” so we thought it would be a great topic of discussion. For someone who has only purchased a suit off the rack, it is hard to justify paying $1,000 or more for a suit. We get it! It’s not cheap, so we want to give you a few reasons why you should.

  1. The Quality of the Fabrics - While we cant speak for other custom clothing brands, at Jeffrey Scott we only source fabrics from Italy and UK because we feel they are THE BEST on the market. The natural wool used in these fabrics and the milling process help create a garment that will last a lifetime. With these fabrics, you’ll notice that the suit will drape over your body much nicer, the wrinkles will naturally fall out after hanging it up for a day or two, the feel of the suit will be much more comfortable (we tend to hear that our trousers feel like pajama pants), and the colors will be much more vibrant due to the dying process when created at the mills.
  2. The Construction - In a quality made custom suit you should never find any fusing, also known as gluing. The canvas of the suit, which is the piece of horse hair fabric on the inside used to give it its shape, is hand sewn (floating) to ensure the best shape and form to your physique. When you purchase a suit off the rack, the glued canvas will separate over time and lose that shape. It tends to be less comfortable because there is a difference in how it moves with your body. and can sometimes feel ‘bulky’. You want to enjoy wearing your suit! Having our button holes, pick stitching, shoulders, and collars hand sewn will also make the suit more unique than anything else. It can take up to an hr and a half to sew a single Milanese buttonhole on the lapel. Free hand massages for the tailors after that!
  3. The Fit - If you are like most people, you struggle to find a suit that actually fits! A custom suit is the solution. The tailor will take your measurements to determine the best fit. In addition, the slope of your shoulder, the curve of your back, the balance of the jacket to your posture, and other factors are taken into consideration when creating the suit. It is truly a work of art to get it just right.

While there are many other reasons as to why a custom suit is a better investment than off the rack, we feel that these are the three most important reasons to consider joining the club. Be careful, once you go custom you never go back! Check out our custom suit process here

Jeffrey Scott

Big thanks to Jeffrey for sharing this insightful article with us - whether you're looking for a custom made suit or inspiration on how to dress sharply, Jeffrey's site is the place to go!