2019 Holiday Buyer's Guide

2019 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Posted by AJ on Dec 1st 2019

Team Lox's best gifts for every Sharp Savage.

Ah, the sweet smell of Christmas Shopping! It seems like every year Christmas just comes faster and faster...and each year we seem to run out of quality gift ideas for those we love most. Like really - how hard can it be to get something for someone that you know so well??!!

To help solve this problem, Team Lox put our heads together and came up with our first annual Lox Hair Wax, Co. Buyer's Guide. You can confidently spend your hard-earned dollars, knowing these are products and companies regularly used and trusted by Team Lox!

The NeoMag
To be on Team Lox, it's almost a prerequisite that you're carrying a firearm daily. We all know just how frustrating it is to figure out what to do with that spare magazine that you know you should be carrying. Thankfully, our friends at The NeoMag created the perfect solution to low profile magazine carrying! The NeoMag has got to be one of our favorite pieces of EDC gear. Team Members Miz and AJ never leave home without a spare mag conveniently stored in their NeoMag!

A NeoMag is a low cost way to simplify the EDC of someone you love! There's only a few options, making it very easy to choose the best option for individual needs.
Revolutionize Concealed Carry.

Vigr Training
Phill has long been a member of Team Lox and has trained many other team members in his courses! Lox Hair Wax, Co. is insanely proud to have sponsored his 2019 Rolling Thunder: Armed Vehicle Defense Course, which trained agencies in multiple states on winning the fight in, into, and around vehicles. Miz and AJ got to experience this training firsthand in 2018 when Phill graciously invited us to take part in one of his Armed Vehicle Defense trainings!

A weekend course with Vigr Training is a great gift for a loved one! Check out his courses and schedule one today!
Train with Vigr.

Black and Brass Coffee
We love coffee.

There, we said it. A strong cup 'o Joe is just what we need to tackle each day as a Sharp Savage. Thankfully, Travis at Black and Brass Coffee in Honesdale is producing some of the finest coffee we have ever had the pleasure of drinking! In fact, we love Black and Brass Coffee so much that we chose them as the exclusive producer of our Lox Train "Savage Blend" Coffee. BUT - Black and Brass makes so much more than just our coffee! If you're in the area, take the opportunity to stop by one of their two Honesdale locations and see what they're all about.

Have no fear, if you can't visit in person, Travis will gladly send you some coffee to give to friends or enjoy on your own.
Drink the Loxmen's Brew.

TxC Holsters
Who out there makes the best holster?

That's a question not easily answered, as a plethora of factors go into defining "best". Frankly, pursuing those answers falls outside the scope of this guide. However, Team Members Miz, Goldilox, and AJ all chose TxC Holsters as the best solution to their holster needs in 2019. That says a lot about their dedication to quality, ease of use, and flexibility! We love their "build your own" options, plus all the collaboration they do with other companies (including The NeoMag!).

With holsters for most popular handguns, plus an insane number of different configurations and accessories, it is easy to give a TxC Holster to your favorite Sharp Savage!
Give an Ally.

For our Loxmen and Shield Maidens who aren't local to Pennsylvania, we also have a training recommendation for you! Ian from Runenation travels far and wide across the country, training men and women in problem solving and confidence through education. Team Members Miz and Goldilox took part in Ian's handgun class this past year and came away with a significant improvement in fundamental handgun skills!

Just like Miz did, you too can gift your loved one a Runenation Training Course.
Give the gift of Training.

Benchmade Knives
Political nonsense of the year aside, Team Lox Members regularly carry Benchmade Knives. We've found them to be consistent and reliable, a dependable tool that doesn't break the bank but also provides high value for the price they command. Team Member Miz carries a Triage; AJ has a number of their knives, including the Adamas shown below.

In the words of the famous Jethro Gibbs - "Never go anywhere without a knife." Who do you know that needs a solution to this problem?
Rule #9.

Manly Bands
Team Member Mike recently announced his engagement (congrats!) - now his mind is delving into all the details of planning a wedding. Part of that includes choosing the slab of metal that will go around his finger for the rest of his life. Thankfully, Manly Bands has some killer solutions to this dilemma!

If you're about to get married, coming up on one of those large anniversaries, or simply want a fresh look, consider giving your man a Manly Band!
Give the Manliest Bands.

Troll Co.
No Buyer's Guide would be complete without a quality apparel company! We're proud to provide Troll Co. with a custom grooming line, but honestly there's so much more to the Troll Co. empire. With Troll Co. you'll find high-quality hats, shirts, stickers, gloves, and more, all designed for the hard-working man and woman! Many Team Lox Members are regular supporters of Troll Co., including Miz.

Troll Co. gets what it's like to work with your hands for a living - if you've got a Blue Collar Savage that needs a gift, look no further!
Make Trolls Great Again.

TA Targets
Rounding out the Buyer's Guide is a revolutionary company that has taken the steel target market and dumped it on its head! TA Targets produces the highest quality steel target systems for your firearm training needs; plus, they're exceptionally active patriots who are constantly pushing to keep and expand the freedoms we enjoy in our great nation! Team Member Phill uses TA Targets in his training courses, knowing they'll take unending abuse and are designed to keep his students as safe as possible.

Have a firearms enthusiast who is looking to step up their own training? Consider getting them a target system or gift card!
Support Safe Training.

Well, there you have it - the best collection of gifts for any Loxman and Shield Maiden.

Enjoy the Holidays!

Stay Sharp. Stay Savage.