In 1918 the allied trenches were filled with young American Doughboys bravely fighting the War to End All Wars. These men had to be prepared for any potential gas attack launched by the enemy and to be prepared these soldiers were issued gas masks to protect them against the lethal poison. In order to secure a perfect seal to their gas masks, their faces had to be clean shaven and every American Doughboy was issued The Gillette Khaki Set to conform to the new military shaving requirement. These men would use anything they could to alleviate razor burn and hydrate their skin after a close shave, but now you can use only the best aftershave balm ever made by hand: BAYONET BUTTER.

Whether you need to be clean shaven or just choose to be, Bayonet Butter is the aftershave balm that your clean shaven skin needs and craves. Made with Shea Butter and Mango Butter, this balm is rich in vitamins and nutrients that will hydrate your skin and stave off irritation caused by shaving. Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic that helps heal minor scrapes and nicks, can also be found in the makeup of this 100% all-natural emollient.

The American Doughboy was a SAVAGE on the battlefield and a GENTLEMAN on the ballroom floor. By discipline he was taught to keep his bayonet sharp and his face clean shaven. Bayonet Butter. For the Clean Cut Savage. 



  • 100% ALL NATURAL






Ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Local Beeswax, Jojoba & Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Chamomile & Essence Oil Blend


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Best Aftershave Ever

Steve Yakely on Mar 20th 2019

I have never been able to use an aftershave, as every single one I've tried has caused me to break out (including ones recommended by dermatologists)....until Bayonet Butter! I've been using it for a while now with no issues! Plus the scent is great and it leaves my skin feeling awesome!

Bayonet Butter

Nickolaus W R Forthun on Mar 17th 2019

Tried this product for the first time the other day and I absolutely loved it. No burning, no soreness, immediate calming relief. It made my skin feel great and my wife loved the smell.

Aftershave perfection in a tin

JONATHAN HAVENER on Jan 15th 2019

I hate aftershaves, they sting, they don't hydrate my skin, they don't smell good. BUT, I have found an aftershave balm that I LOVE. This stuff is fantastic! Smells amazing, keeps my skin smooth, and most importantly my wife finds it attractive as well! In fact she even uses it for all her shaving needs...guess I need to get her some of her own ;) Amazing products guys, keep it up!!

Best aftershave I've used!

Andrew on Nov 16th 2018

There aren't enough good things to say about this aftershave! My hobbies are very diverse, so I am very excited that I found Bayonet Butter! After a quick shave (too often rushed, leaving your skin feeling rough) it provides an almost therapeutic layer of the best smelling balm I have ever put on. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a new aftershave!

Bayonet Butter

Michael on Aug 20th 2018


best aftershave balm hands down

JasonB on Jul 20th 2018

I have always used splash on aftershave as that's what I had seen the men and my family do for years .so I was a little skeptical about a balm. I mean nothing is better than the burn of a good aftershave Right? Man was I wrong this product will open your eyes to something you have been missing say goodbye to the burn and hello the smoothest feeling your face will ever feel. I don't know how they do it but again a little goes a long way .your face will thank you the cooling sensation will take the redness away right before your eyes this balm will not leave your face greasy feeling and lets just say I have had many of the ladies ask me why I smell so good and that one guy standing in line at the store, that was awkward for a second then he said "no man it just smells Good "I told him LOX and he said ah hell the veteran owner Pomade company I didn't know they had that !!! so he jumped on his phone and ordered some right there on the spot HAHA. you won't regret using this Only thing I wish was that the smell was a little bit stronger, I carry it with me to apply it through the day

Bayonet Butter

Mark Goad on Jun 29th 2018

This product is excellent. The eucalyptus in it is ideal for one's face. Highly recommend it.

Bayonet Butter aftershave

Pat Reyes on Jun 18th 2018

The best aftershave you can get end of discussion. I've tried them all but none can even compare to bayonet butter, this balm will leave your fresh shaved face baby butt soft and since it's a wax it does more to nourish and protect than a fancy cream aftershave could ever hope to do. This product will not disappoint get some