Get ready for war with BATTLE WAX.  According to our home recipe, our pomade is hand whisked, whipped before cooling, then given our "signature swirl".  If you're looking for the wet look of hair gel and the hold of wax then this classic pomade is the answer for you.  Made from organic ingredients including local beeswax, our all-natural, non-greasy, hair and beard pomade will style and condition your hair leaving you looking and feeling great all day long.  Lightly scented with Vanilla and Lime High Grade Essential Oils.

Directions: This product is suitable for all hair cut styles and beards of all shapes and sizes.  Rub a small amount into your palm to soften, apply to hair, then style.  Use with dry or damp hair for a medium sheen and a classic hold.  A little bit goes a long way. Great for hair and beards.

  • 100% ALL NATURAL
  • MADE in the USA




Ingredients: Shea Butter, Local Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Botanical Oils, Essential Oils

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Battle Wax Pomade

Chris on Feb 5th 2019

Great aroma and hold without all the chemicals and fake junk. Great company and personalized service will bring me back soon to get something else.

Battle wax

Robert Butler on Oct 10th 2018

By far the best beard wax I have used. Other brands leave my beard itching and don't allow for control as well as soft to the touch, thank you for a superior product

Best stuff Ive ever used and will be the only pomade I will use

Eric Cosentino on Oct 8th 2018

I started the pomade train a little more then a year ago, I was using redkens mens and I did not like the way it looked and felt, I started looking around and came across Lox on instagram, I will never use anything else, I love battlewax, I have used battlewax before a hockey game and my hair was still perfect after the game, I work in hockey so when Im on the bench for games my hair needs to be on point and be able to not move as im running around which battle wax totally does. What makes it even better is that team lox is some of the best people I know and so glad to be able to call them my friends.

Battle Wax

Dylan on Sep 15th 2018

Works perfectly. Holds my hair and beard down and smells good. Would absolutely recommend and plan to buy again.

I love this product

William on Sep 13th 2018

Boy let me tell you what. I had to go without battle wax for a few months while my VA got un-****** and I couldn’t believe the difference it made in the way my hair felt and looked when I used the other garbage that I’d been using before I found this wonderful stuff. My hair went back to feeling crunchy and looking like shit. But thank God I got my VA all fixed up and I’m back on the good stuff. With just one can of this amazing formula my hair looks so much better it feels healthier and much sharper when I look at it in the mirror. I think the best part about this product other than it being made by fellow veterans is it is actually good for my hair. It makes it feel softer and more thick and full looking while maintaining a solid hold on it and a beautiful shine that really gets my girls attention. I could literally rave about this all day but I got other s*** to do so I’ll just finish up by saying thanks to all the guys there at Lox for helping me keep my ax sharp and my hair sharper.


David J on Sep 3rd 2018

Love the hold and the look. Easy to control my thick hair and finally show my barber he actually did cut my hair well. The main reason I bought is the ingredients are natural and it's veteran owned. Bonus is the product is great as is the packaging and truly a little goes a long way and I feel bad ass pulling it out of my EDC bag or leaving it in my Bathroom counter

So far so good

Andrew j Paglicco on Aug 28th 2018

I have only used it a few times started with a really small amount. Second time I used a little more and it held amazing. I work for a fire department in fl and it lasted all day. It even held up while sweating. It also washes out fairly well. Smells good too.

Battle wax is great

Ryan golden on Aug 7th 2018

I absolutely love this product. I work outside all day and it holds perfectly no matter what. I will be continuing to buy this and other products because of this quality.