Keep it straight with the Lox Battle Wax EDC Comb! This Every Day Carry comb makes a perfect gift for that man with hair or a beard or BOTH!

  • Unbreakable design great for every day carry
  • Black with white text
  • Side one " Lox Hair Wax Co "
  • Side two " Valhalla Awaits "
  • 5" overall length perfect for pockets
  • Fine & wide toothed comb
  • MADE IN U.S.A.



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The Carbine of Combs

Jacob Phillips on Dec 21st 2017

This comb is to the "Large Wild Hunt" comb what the M1 Carbine was to the Garand. It's light and extra portable, but hard hitting and it'll drop 'em dead. My kid carries his everywhere!

it's alright

Mar 6th 2017

Honestly, I love their wax, but the comb is too small for me. Not comfortable while styling since its small.

Great saying !

bigjoepa0987@aol.com on Dec 15th 2016

Identical to the old Unbeatable Ace combs I used when I had hair other than my beard . Valhalla Awaits is a great addition to the comb .

great product

shelden feist on Oct 4th 2016

Perfect amount of sheen and hold with out being to greesy. And badass logo!!