It all started with a desire to produce high quality, all natural, hand made, hair & beard products under an image and style that are as bold and unique as the products we craft. The market is saturated with cheaply made, chemically induced hair products with the same genre repeated over and over again.  That's why we, at Lox Hair Wax Company, pride ourselves in using all natural ingredients of the highest quality for all our pomades, balms, and other grooming products.

When we say "all natural" we mean it. We do not use chemicals or alcohol in our products (which can leave your hair dry and damaged). Unlike hair gels, our classic pomades will not harden after application which makes restyling a cinch! 

Lox Hair Wax Company also takes great pride in the fact that we use the highest quality beeswax from local farms around our area. We love being able to use this organic product in our pomades and we love doing it with the help of our local farmers in and around the Scranton area.

Finally, our company is veteran owned and operated. Every batch of pomade is made by hand from a hard charging US veteran. All our products are made in small batches to ensure the integrity and quality of each product. In the service we were taught core values and the importance of service and we put all that into the process and the quality of work that we do. The United States Armed Forces has taught us so much and one way we show our gratitude is to give back to the veteran community. A percentage of our profit is donated to military non-profit organizations.

Join our mailing list too! Seriously, sign up. All our emails are hand typed, no computer generated nonsense flooding your inbox. You'll get exclusive discount codes and we'll keep it short and sweet. You'll also receive The Snappy Savage Report once in a while which honors a special guest and a discount code will be provided of which a portion of the sales generated from that code will be donated to a charity of their choosing.

Drop us a word and tell us how we're doing! Or feel free to give us suggestions and tell us what you love and what you're not too crazy about concerning our products.  

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