Team Lox

The young lieutenant stood upright as he fastened all 12 brass buttons on his wool shell jacket. He had polished and buffed each one the night before in anticipation for this day’s engagement. “If today I die, I shall embrace death with honor and, if nothing else, will make a good looking corpse.”

Dressing one’s best for battle dates all the way back to before the American Civil War. Some soldiers would be known to carry two pairs of their entire uniform with them when they traveled—one for marching and one for fighting. It’s where the term “Battle Dress Uniform” is derived. These Sharp Savages fought with honor, slicked back hair, and desired to embrace glorious death dressed to the nines for each engagement.

Fast forward to today, Lox Hair Wax Company continues to place a high value on dressing sharp and fighting like a savage. Is it because we are veteran owned and operated? Maybe. Is it because we all pack pistols and pomade in our EDC? That has something to do with it too.

Team Lox takes great pride that we produce grooming products that are high quality, hand made, and all natural. When we say “all natural” we mean it. We do not use chemicals or alcohol in our products (which can leave your hair dry and damaged). Unlike hair gels, our classic pomades will not harden after application and will make restyling a cinch! One of the most praised attributes of our pomades is that they wash out easily, too. Overall, Lox makes the best there is; we promise you that this is the last pomade you will ever own.

Our brew team has created many great recipes for many great products and will continue to do so. We offer much more than pomade, and we know that whatever you find on our site you will love and enjoy as much as we do. Part of what makes our grooming products so great is the fact that we use high quality beeswax from local farms around our area. We love using this organic ingredient in our products and give a big thanks to our local farmers who help us out!

Another way our company helps others, is that we give back to the veteran community. A portion of our sales is donated to various non-profit organizations that support the military and law enforcement. We proudly stand with our troops and first responders - when you support us, you support them too.
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Miz & Team Lox