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  • The Glory of Pond Hockey
    Feb 1st 2020

    The Glory of Pond Hockey

    As a kid we did not have cable TV. That only came in my early teenage years. Because of that, we did

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  • Hey Man, Nice Beard!
    Jan 1st 2020

    Hey Man, Nice Beard!

    Beard Oil vs. Beard BalmWith a little help from my good friends at Lox Hair Wax Co.So if you're read

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  • 2019 Holiday Buyer's Guide
    Dec 1st 2019

    2019 Holiday Buyer's Guide

    Team Lox's best gifts for every Sharp Savage.Ah, the sweet smell of Christmas Shopping! It seems li

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  • Pure hype, or does it work?
    Nov 1st 2019

    Pure hype, or does it work?

    By: TacCat - Firearms BloggerI’m a skeptic when it comes to grooming products; a gigantic skeptic. L

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